Welcome. My name is Susanne Babbel and I feel honored to guide you every day on this 10-day journey on Insight Timer to help you Connect with Your True Self.

Over the last 20 years I have studied and experimented with how I can help people reconnect with themselves. I developed a four-minute process that has been very successful in bringing awareness to inner parts of ourselves that we are disconnected from and reintegrating these parts into our lives.

As a trauma specialist I have worked with hundreds of trauma survivors whose first symptom is to numb or avoid their pain by checking out, whether it is emotionally or physically. But trauma is not the only reason we might disconnect from ourselves: Stress and a culture that focuses on the mind can also leave us feeling disconnected from what we feel and sense, and who we are, causing us to feel lost, confused about what we want and need, unfulfilled, stuck, and ultimately causing anxiety, depression, and emotional roller coasters.

It all starts with building a loving relationship with yourself, being self-aware, connecting with emotions and sensations to know who you are, living a meaningful life, and feeling safer in the world. Now, let me help you accomplish this by guiding you to learn and practice the four-minute 1,1,1,1 Emotive-Sensory Process. This simple awareness exercise allows you to connect with your emotions, body sensations, and inner supportive voice, and to integrate them. It is something you can practice every day on your own once you learn it. I am really looking forward to guiding you with each step.

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